Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Object Tax Blog

Tax Reform is in the air.

It is likely that tax reform will be the diving issue for the 2014 and possibly 2016 elections.

As I looked at the political landscape, I realized that there is not a good tax reform proposal on the table. With no good tax reform proposals on the table, the tax reform debate is likely to devolve into culture war nonsense and greater division.

Now, it just so happens that a few decades ago while I was transitioning from C to C++, I asked myself an intriguing question: "Would it be possible to use advanced system design techniques to streamline tax collection?"

The answer, of course, is "Yes, If we applied advanced system design techniques from the computer industry we could streamline the tax collection process."

So, I was studying Object Oriented Programming. I created a simple "Object Based Design" to improve the tax collection process. I then gave the reform a named called "The Object Tax."

Every year, round about April 15th, I harken back to the Object Tax and think about how much better life would be if someone applied quality system design to the issue of tax collection.

Since tax reform is shaping up as the primary issue for the 2014, I decided to start this blog to talk about my observations with the hopes that my observations can make a positive change in the state of the political debate.

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