Thursday, April 9, 2015

Conservatives Targeting the IRS

Conservatives are playing a dangerous game by targeting the IRS in response to the IRS's targeting of conservatives.

Americans hate petty behavior. Americans truly sympathized with conservatives in the wake of the IRS scandals of the first half of the Obama administration.

However, conservatives squandered all of the political capital they gained by seeking petty retribution against the IRS rather than seeking reform.

The Internal Revenue Service is the one agency that every single taxpaying American must contact at least once a year. The fact that we all have to interface with the IRS gives the IRS a huge public platform.

The IRS need simply reduce the quality of service and point the finger at the petty GOP.

Everyone who receives poor customer service will now tweet their anger and dislike of Conservatism and the GOP.

Because the GOP acts in such a petty manner, the American public stop seeing it as a party of ideas, but simply see it as the party of petty retribution.

The problem inherent in conservatism is that conservatives do not engage in constructive dialog. Conservatism is an ideology imported from England that builds power through base reaction.

(NOTE: conservatism is the ideology of the Conservative Party of England. The Conservative Party was created in 1834 from the remains Tory Party. The Tories were the people who fought against the US Founders. Conservatism is a fundamental rejection of the ideals at the foundation of this nation.)

Conservatives, apparently, are hoping to use the hatred of the IRS to push through The Fairtax. By intentionally under funding the IRS and preventing it from accomplishing its mission, the GOP hopes to magnify the hatred of the IRS.

But this type of petty partisan maneuvering is obvious. But this politics of retribution and hatred always backfires.

If we want to solve the problems of the day; we simply must come up with a better way than this system ruled by the radical politics of the left and the reactionary politics of the right.

This base system of action and reaction always leads to the worst possible result.

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